10 Best Web Video Conferencing Software for Small Business (Free + Paid)

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If you need to host meetings with your clients, partners, or team members outside your organization, you need a reliable live video conferencing software.

There are a variety of options available out there. Getting the best one from the bunch can be a major decision for your small business, but it is essential. Why? Because it helps your team stay connected.

Today, we’ll introduce you to some of the best, most dynamic web video conferencing tools on the market. These will range from the most cost-effective to those which are free but offer some amazing features. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

#1: Skype for Business

You might think of Skype as a convenient way to make long-distance calls using your laptop or phone. But, did you know that the Skype for Business allows you to use Skype to run video conference meetings?

With Skype for Business, your web conference can include up to 250 people. However, you do need a Microsoft Office 365 subscription for that.

Using the tool you can share your desktop and collaborate online in real-time. It also lets you record your meetings, which can be helpful in many cases.

#2: Join.me

This relatively new web video meeting software has a lot to offer for small or even big enterprises. It’s free for individual users—with a limited amount of features.

For example, the free version allows you to have up to three participants. But it does give you options to upgrade to premium plans.

All three of the premium plans come with additional features. The business level plan, for instance, allows you to host up to 250 users in your meeting. It also provides recording capabilities.

#3: Zoom

Zoom is a popular web meeting software, which can be a great choice for small businesses as the most basic level is free.

WIth the basic level, you can host up to 100 conference users for up to 40 minutes! Similar to Skype, it allows you to use screen sharing to collaborate.

There are also breakout rooms for private discussions. If you want to unlock more features like meeting duration or even more participants, you can choose one of their premium plans.

#4: Meet by Google Hangouts

Hangouts Meet is a business-friendly tool—not your classic Google Hangouts.

If you want to use this tool, however, you’ll need to create a G Suite Account. Meet by Google Hangouts enables you to hold live web video conferences. The number of users you can host for a conference call varies.

If you have G Suite Enterprise, you’ll be able to host up to 50 participants. However, the basic or business G Suite account lets you host only 25 people.

#5: appear.in

Appear.in is a perfect tool to introduce video conferences into your daily workflow. You can sign up for free, create your own room, and invite up to 4 people at once (12 with Pro Plan) for unlimited video conversations.

The best part is your guests won’t have to register to join your room. You can just send them the room link via email, chat, Slack, however you’d like, and they can use it to accept the invitation.

Appear.in has a business plan that features calendar integrations, screen sharing, branded rooms, recording, in-room chat, and iOS & Android app. The ease of having your own video meeting room with a simple URL is just great.

#6: Cisco WebEx

With this live meeting software, you’ll enjoy a number of cool features that include screen sharing, personal meeting rooms, cloud recording, and more.

The number of users you can add in your live video conference depends on the level of package you bought. The starter level lets you add 50 users and the enterprise level allows you to have up to 1000 conference attendees!

There’s also a free trial available for everyone.

#7: Adobe Connect

Adobe is well-known for its great design tools. However, it also offers online meeting capability via Adobe Connect.

You’ll meet your clients in an online conference room with a custom URL that’s always going to be available. It lets you record your meetings, and you can republish them if you want.

On top of that, there are add-ons (pods) that enable you to do more. For example, you can use the Video pod to share webcam feed. Also, there’s a free trial available.

#8: GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a web conferencing software designed specifically for online video conference meetings.

It offers a toll-free option in which you can make your meetings even more accessible. You can set up a personal meeting room with a custom URL and share your desktop in real-time so that your participants can see what exactly you’re talking about.

You can further record your meetings and store them in the cloud. The trial version of this software is available to download for free.

#9: Amazon Chime

Here’s another popular company with an easy-to-use online video conferencing software you may not be aware of.

Set up secure internet video conferences with pay-as-you-go pricing. You can also use Amazon’s Alexa to start a meeting. It works seamlessly across all your devices.

Furthermore, you can record and store meetings in the cloud, add them to the MS Outlook calendar, etc.

#10: HighFive

HighFive features a unique integration of a hardware and software platform for all your web meeting needs.

While this can be a lot for small businesses, if your company is growing fast and you hold a lot of conference meetings, HighFive is where you should be.

The tool includes several video conferencing software functions you’d expect like screen sharing, the ability to schedule conferences from your calendar, etc.

Wrapping Up

We’ve just covered ten best video conferencing software for your small business. These tools offer some of the most popular video conferencing software features you can think of.

If you’re looking for a video conferencing tool—whether it’s free or paid—you can use any of the bunch mentioned above. So, go ahead and choose the right web meeting tool for your needs.

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