10 Video Conferencing Tools for Small Groups

Today, we’ll introduce you to some of the best, most dynamic web video conferencing tools on the market. These will range from the most cost-effective to those which are free but offer some amazing features. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

#1: Skype for Business

You might think of Skype as a convenient way to make long-distance calls using your laptop or phone. But, did you know that the Skype for Business allows you to use Skype to run video conference meetings?

With Skype for Business, your web conference can include up to 250 people. However, you do need a Microsoft Office 365 subscription for that.

Using the tool you can share your desktop and collaborate online in real-time. It also lets you record your meetings, which can be helpful in many cases.

#2: Join Me

This relatively new web video meeting software has a lot to offer for small or even big enterprises. It’s free for individual users—with a limited amount of features.

For example, the free version allows you to have up to three participants. But it does give you options to upgrade to premium plans.

#3: Zoom

Zoom is a popular web meeting software, which can be a great choice for small businesses as the most basic level is free.

WIth the basic level, you can host up to 100 conference users for up to 40 minutes! Similar to Skype, it allows you to use screen sharing to collaborate.

There are also breakout rooms for private discussions. If you want to unlock more features like meeting duration or even more participants, you can choose one of their premium plans.

Wrapping Up

We’ve just covered ten best video conferencing software for your small business. These tools offer some of the most popular video conferencing software features you can think of. If you’re looking for a video conferencing tool—whether it’s free or paid—you can use any of the bunch mentioned above. So, go ahead and choose the right web meeting tool for your needs.